Published By: DEHRADUN LAW REVIEW, A Journal of Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University

Upcoming Issue: Volume-15 Issue-1, November 2023, ISSN: 2231-1157
Page No.
Published By: DEHRADUN LAW REVIEW, A Journal of Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University
Paper Title: Accomplishing basic needs with sustainable development goals via Artificial Intelligence 1-16
Author(s): Prof. Priti Saxena and Prashant Tripathi
2 Paper Title: Critical Analysis on Implementation and Impact of Basel Convention on the Transboundary Movement of End-of-life ships for recycling in South Asian Coasts-Need for sustainable approach. 17-26
Author(s): Dr. H.L.Yogmala
Paper Title: Issues and concerns relating to Cyborgs and Techonological Enhancements:Understanding Legal Implications of circuitry Neurons. 27-36
Author(s): Dr. Ivneet Kaur Walia
Paper Title: Hart-Fuller Debate and its Significance in India- A Jurisprudential Analysis 37-52
Author(s): Dr. Caesar Roy
Paper Title: Legal Framework on Online Gaming in India: Examining the core legal issues and recent legislative Developments 53- 64
Author(s): Rajeev Kumar Singh and Dr.Susanta Kumar Shadangi
Paper Title: An Approach to Reconciliation between Majoritarian morality and Constitutional Morality: The Struggle for Establishing the Democratic Balance 65- 76
Author(s): Dr. Vinay Kumar Kashyap and heemanshi Sen
Paper Title: Public Hearingin Parole: A Comparative Analysis 77-86
Author(s): Gautam Gupta and Dr. Shikha Dimri
Paper Title: Reforms in Bail Provisions for the undertrails in Bailable and Non- Bailable Offences 87- 96
Author(s): Dr. Mohit Nayal and Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Bahuguna
Paper Title: Navigating the Jurisprudence on Arbitrability of Disputes in India: An Analysis 97- 110
Author(s): Dr. Kulpreet Kaur and Dr. pooja Jaiswal
Paper Title: A Contemporary impact onAssessment of POCSO Act and its Implementation 111- 118
Author(s): Dr. Dimple . T. Raval
Paper Title: Experimenting with Cameras in the Courtroom: Live- Streaming Court Proceedings and concerns of Contempt of Court 119- 132
Author(s): Prof, Jyoti J. Mozika and Diganta Roy
Paper Title: Access to Justice and Government Attitude as a Litigant: Challenges and Plight 133- 150
Author(s): Dr. Aparna Singh and Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh
Paper Title: The Unsettling Landscape of Wrongful Conviction: A Quest for Justice 151-164
Author(s): Varsha Gulaya and Dr. K.B. Asthana
Paper Title: Digital Personal Data Protection and the Right to Privacy 165- 174
Author(s): Anudeep Kaur and Dr. Bhumika Sharma